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>>> “I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability.” Bruce Jenner
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FortuneTeller Editorial by Nigel Kyte
Another season rapidly approaches and another season of The Fortune News is upon us! No sooner had I finished off business for the 2016/17 campaign, I was preparing for the following season – admin work never stops for a summer break! And my many duties included coming up with a new design for the newsletter, so I hope you like what you see!
-----I'm delighted that we have four new Officers running our MGBSFL teams. Three – namely Simon Linden, Lee Fegan and Darren Zitren – have been with us for at least one season, whilst Steven Black is a newcomer this summer so a warm welcome to him. And a big welcome to several new members who have recently joined the Club, with more to follow over the coming weeks as we get ready for the pre-season friendlies – followed by the start of the 2017/18 league season.
-----We look forward to the First Team playing home league fixtures at Silver Jubilee Park, home of Hendon FC who play in the Bostik League (formerly Ryman) Premier Division. My association with Hendon, apart from being a fan for many years, has been extended to the position of matchday programme designer. I will be attending a lot of home games there as well as watching the First Team play and refereeing matches as well. So SJP looks like being a home sweet home for me in several ways! This venue is a fantastic acquisition for the TFFC, offering a great 3G pitch, clubhouse and general Bostik League facilities.
-----Also new for the season ahead will be a dynamic playing kit for the Old Boys Team, as you will read below. My sincere thanks go to Club Members Robert Botkai and James Ryan for their generous joint sponsorship.
-----There is quite a lot of info to squeeze in this first edition so please take the time to read everything. Next Sunday is our first session at Mill Hill Park so please make every effort to turn up – and be punctual. There is nothing more off-putting for potential new players than to see guys turn up late in dribs and drabs. So good time keeping is important – no later than 10.00am please.
-----I think that covers everything for now, so until the next edition, remember that Fortune Favours The Brave! Good luck to everyone this coming season.

Summer football sessions start 16th July

Our summer sessions will start on SUNDAY 16TH JULY at Mill Hill Park, Dawes Lane, Mill Hill, at 10.00am for starting at 10.15am hopefully. All players are invited to attend – bring your friends or anyone you know who could be a potential player for next season.

Pre-season friendlies will commence on Sunday 30th July (First Team) and Sunday 6th August (Second Team) so we do not have a particularly long period at Mill Hill Park. Please make every effort to attend. And bring your own kit and water – it might be a hot morning!

Time to get signed up!

It is that time of the year where we need to get players signed up for the season approaching. On the Club's part, we rely on membership income – in additional to the weekly match subs – to cover our large expenditure which this season we expect to top 10k, so collecting in membership fees in very important.

For those who wish to join the TFFC for season 2017/18, and who have not signed up as yet, please click here to go to find the new online Membership Form. If you wish to read details about membership fees, the Code of Conduct, the TFFC rules, Advice to players and the Newcomers' Guide, then click here. The MGBSFL and Masters League (MMFL) have not yet released their league registration forms for 2017/18 – hopefully we will receive these in the coming week or two.

Many of you will possibly be going away over the coming weeks, so please get your membership out of the way as soon as possible – we need your commitment for the new season! If you are not sure about signing up, feel free to email to Simon Linden (First Team), Darren Zitren (Second Team) or David Goldberg (Old Boys Team) to discuss matters regarding your intended team. Officers' email addresses can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

Many thanks to those who have signed up so far. Now we need the rest of you to commit so do not delay, join us today!

New management team running MGBSFL sides

At the Club's 41st Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 25th June at Silver Jubilee Park, four new Officers were duly elected to run the First Team and Second Team during the 2017/18 season.

Simon Linden, who was First Team manager last season, is now the First Team Secretary, replacing Jonathan Cohen who held the position for four seasons. Simon continues as team manager as well. Lee Fegan joins him on the First Team management team as Assistant Secretary. Lee, who came to the Club in 2007, was the First Team Secretary for four seasons prior to Jonathan Cohen between 2009/10 and 2012/13 inclusive.

The Second Team, which was officially reformed on 5th May, will be run by Darren Zitren, a member since 2013, as Second Team Secretary (and team manager). In comes newcomer Steven Black as Second Team Assistant Secetary. Born in Glasgow, Steven represented Glasgow Maccabi at all age groups and played for Maccabi Scotland at the European Maccabi Games in Antwerp (2003) and Rome (2007). He has played MGBSFL football since 2011 for L'Equipe and Maccabi London Lions.

The four new Officers join Nigel Kyte, Peter Kyte, Nick Waitsman, David Goldberg and Hilton Teper on the 9-strong TFFC Management Committee running the Club next season. David and Hilton will be looking after the Old Boys team once again.

Said Club Chairman Nigel Kyte: "I'd like to warmly welcome Simon, Lee, Darren and Steven onto the Club's management team. With the 2017/18 season in mind, the Club approaches a new exciting challenge with relish and I am delighted we have a strong team of managers looking after our three teams. I look forward to working with them and wish them all the very best of luck in the coming months."

"I would also like to thank Jonathan Cohen for his hard work as First Team Secretary over the past few seasons. He kept the team running through difficult times, holding everything together when others may easily have walked away. Full credit goes to him – and others who gave their invaluable support – for remaining in charge for so long."

Other changes during the AGM include a revamp of the various membership statuses. The previous meaning of Honorary Membership (for those reaching 200 appearances for the Club) has been replaced by '200 Club' Membership, whilst the term Honorary Membership has been elevated 'for long-serving individuals with under 20 years service, who are members in a non-playing capacity.' New is Life Membership 'for long-serving individuals with a minimum of 20 years service to the Club, as determined by the Management Committee.' In both cases, no membership fees apply. Full Membership and Casual Membership remain unaltered, as do the membership fees. Weekly Match Subscription Fees are covered below.

Regarding the Old Boys Team, David Goldberg has agreed to continue as Old Boys Team Assistant Secretary and Manager, with Hilton Teper as the Assistant Secretary.

Club seeks general admins to assist

Although we have a set of able guys running our three teams, we could always do with matchday admin help, especially with the Club's playing equipment. This includes items of kit, footballs, first aid kit bag and bucket etc which need to be taken to the pitchside and returned to the dressing room after the match.

We need people to help retrieve footballs kicked out of the ground or in bushes, and to ensure that all balls are gathered up and returned to the ball bag. We need people to help fill the kit bag with soiled kit and clear changing rooms of any rubbish after the match. Generally, we need capable assistance so that TFFC continues to remain one of the best run clubs in Maccabi football.

If YOU wish to be a general admin to help with your respective team, please email the Club and offer your services. These are non-team management/committee roles and are simply much appreciated assistance.

Club agrees joint sponsorship deal for Old Boys playing kit

We're delighted to announce that, thanks to the generous sponsorship of James Ryan (Ellis & Co) and Robert Botkai (Winckworth Sherwood Solicitors), TFFC's Masters team will have a dynamic new playing kit next season!

We've gone for a vibrant yellow and red striped design which is the first time we've had a shirt like this since the iconic and popular 'Honoraries shirt' used in 1999/00. Added to the shirt are modern red and yellow shorts, with plain yellow socks. The new Old Boys kit is their first for four years. You can catch sight of the new design on the TFFC Facebook page.
The Club's grateful thanks go to both Ellis & Co and Winckworth Sherwood Solicitors for their valued and much appreciated support.

Jeremy Fess becomes a Life Member!

As mentioned previously, the Management Committee has decided to introduce Life Membership 'for long-serving individuals with a minimum of 20 years service to the Club, as determined by the Management Committee.'

This includes extraordinary service to the Club over many years and Old Boys player Jeremy Fess certainly comes into this prestigious category. Jeremy made his debut for Temple Fortune as long ago as 1984 and has made a total of 579 appearances up to the close of last season, an astonishing achievement. Only co-founder Peter Kyte has made more so Jeremy's continued involvement with TFFC cannot be overlooked.

He is the only current regular player who is now a Life Member, which means that he is exempted from paying a membership fee for the remainder of his TFFC playing career. Congratulations to Jeremy, very much a deserving recipient of this accolade.

Thirty teams join the MGBSFL for 2017/18

At the time of writing this issue, there are thirty teams joining the League for next season. Athletic Bilbaum, SPEC and RCUK have left the League although RCUK have merged with Faithfold to reinstate their first team. Redbridge Jewish Care 'B' turned down promotion to the Premier Division, as did Scrabble apparently, whilst FC Team resigned from the Premier and have started again in the bottom division!

All this to'ing and fro'ing caused the League a lot of problems trying to sort out the divisions. Chairman David Wolff was disappointed that the Premier Division had to contain eight teams only, saying: "There now is absolutely no choice but to run an 8-team Premier Division but that will not be a disaster". The League's proposal – to be discussed and agreed at the MGBSFL AGM on Monday 10th July – has the divisions looking like this:

Premier Division: Brady Maccabi, Camden Park, Hendon United Sports 'A', Maccabi London Lions 'A', Maccabi London Lions 'B' (promoted), North London Raiders 'A', Oakwood 'A' and Redbridge Jewish Care A. TOTAL 8 TEAMS

Division 1: Faithfold 'A' (merger with RCUK), L'Equipe (promoted), Los Blancos, North London Raiders 'B', Oakwood 'B', Real Hendon (promoted), Redbridge Jewish Care 'B', Scrabble, Temple Fortune 'A' (promoted) and Woodford Wanderers (relegated). TOTAL 10 TEAMS

Division 2: Bayern Mincha, Boca Jewniors, Catford & Bromley Maccabi, Faithfold 'B', Fairlop (new team), FC Team (new team after resigning from Premier), Hertswood Vale, Mill Hill Dons, North London Raiders 'C', Redbridge Jewish Care 'C', Straw Hat Pirates (new team) and Temple Fortune 'B' (new team). TOTAL 12 TEAMS

MASTERS LEAGUE NEWS: There has been no news from the MMFL regarding what is going on next season since their AGM – so we still do not know if there will be one or two divisions! Fingers crossed they have enough teams to keep Division One going.

Find out WhatsAppening with our MGBSFL teams!

We have a TFFC WhatsApp group for our MGBSFL players which First Team and Second Team players are invited to join. The group was used throughout the 2016/17 season to good affect, including Club info messages, social evening arrangements, PowerLeague games and a lot more. Plus general banter, images and loads of gentle team-mate 'micky-taking'... the TFFC WhatsApp group is entertaining if nothing else!

If you want to join this 'team-bonding' group, download WhatsApp onto your mobile Andriod/Smart phone and contact Simon Linden who is the main administrator so that you can be invited to join. Strictly Club Members only.

Minutes of the Club's 41st AGM now available

The Minutes of the 41st AGM are available in PDF format, upon request to the Club.

Weekly Match Subscription Fees

The First Team Match Subscription Fee for season 2017/18 has been increased from £8 to £10 per player per match, due to the increased pitch hire costs at Silver Jubilee Park. The Second Team Match Subscription Fee and Old Boys Team Match Subscription Fee will remain at £8 per player per match, but the Second Team subs will increase to £10 if the Seconds play any home fixtures at Silver Jubilee Park Substitutes will pay £5 (First Team) or £4 (Second Team or Old Boys Team). The income received from Match Subscription Fees is vital to help cover our large expendisture this coming season.

'A Guide to TFFC 2017/18' now available

For the last ten years or so the Club has produced a booklet in PDF format with information about the season ahead. It's no different for the 2017/18 season so to get the Guide emailed to you, please contact Nigel and ask for a copy.

Missing playing kit

The summer break denotes a good time to check on playing kit stock. In this respect, please check your kit bags and car boots to see if you can help with the following:

FIRST TEAM SHIRTS: We are missing two red shirts from the First Team kit bag. There are only 12 currently in the bag out of the 14 we started the season with. Do YOU have one in your possession?

GREEN & WHITE 'BEKHORS' KIT: A full set of green and white vertical striped shirts with green shorts has gone missing. Carrying the sponsor's name of BEKHORS on the shirt fronts, it was used as a 'clash' kit. Do you happen to have the set in your car boot or left at home?

ANY OTHER TFFC KIT: There may be the odd pair of shorts or socks lying in your holdall or boot which we could well need. If you do have any item needing to be returned, please get in touch as soon as possible.

If you can help with any of these, please contact Nigel ASAP.

2016/17 Club Awards Presentation Event images

Our grateful thanks to Hilton Teper who took the pictures at last week's Club Awards Presentation Event. Most of these have now been uploaded onto the TFFC website and you can see them by clicking here.

Follow TFFC fun and frolics on Facebook!

TFFC's Facebook page – celebrating one year in existence – is being run specifically for Club Members past and present and features all things YellowsAndReds! A fun forum for fellow Fortunates to fabulously frolic frivolously! Join us and help make this page an ongoing interest!

We currently have 109 members on the TFFC Facebook page, so if you haven't joined yet, please jump onboard! Check out the link under Social Media on the far left.

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-Management Committee, Season 2017/18
[] Advice to TFFC players
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[] Code of Conduct / Fines
[] Who's who on the Committee
[] All-time list of Officers
[] Admin guide & check list
[] Home pitch availability
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Chairman: Nigel Kyte • Mobile: 0777 323 0477Email: info@tffc.co.uk
Vice Chairman: Nicholas Waitsman • Email: nicholas@timezoneseurope.co.uk
General Secretary and Treasurer: Nigel Kyte • Email: info@tffc.co.uk
Functions Secretary: Peter Kyte • Email: pdk@enablinguk.com
First Team Secretary/Manager: Simon LindenEmail: silinden55@hotmail.co.uk
First Team Assistant Secretary: Lee FeganEmail: lee.fegan@googlemail.com
Second Team Secretary/Manager: Darren ZitrenEmail: darren_zitren@hotmail.com
Second Team Assistant Secretary: Steven BlackEmail: steven.black@russellreynolds.com
Old Boys Team Secretary/Manager: David GoldbergEmail: david_goldberg58@hotmail.com
Old Boys Team Assistant Secretary: Hilton TeperEmail: hteper@ymail.com

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