FortuneTeller Editorial by Nigel Kyte
Another season rapidly approaches and another season of The Fortune News is upon us! No sooner had I finished off business for the 2017/18 campaign, I was preparing for the following season – admin work never stops for a summer break!

ONE MGBSFL TEAM. At the end of last season we decided to effectively fold the Second Team so that we are now running just one side in the MGBSFL for season 2018/19. This will be competing in Division 2 following the First Team's relegation. I'm delighted that we an excellent management team running the Firsts. Simon Linden stays as manager with Lee Fegan and Steven Black assisting, together with the help of last season's Second Team manager Darren Zitren.

NEW OLD BOYS MANAGER. The Old Boys Team set-up sees a new manager taking over – a warm welcome to long-serving member Andy Montlake who will be running the team, with former manager David Goldberg doing the midweek admin whilst Hilton Teper will continue his valued assistance on matchdays.

WELCOME TO NEWCOMERS. A warm welcome to the new members joining us, with more to follow over the coming weeks as we get ready league season ahead.

TEMPORARY DISMISSALS. New for the 2018/19 season will be the Temporary Dismissals scheme ('sin bins') which will be adopted in both the MGBSFL and MMFL. The sin bins will apply to cautions for DISSENT only, where a player yellow carded for back-chat will have 10 minutes on the side-lines. Obviously we as a club will take a hard line on dissent and any player sin binned – which jeopardises the team overall by going down to 10 men – will be fined £14. The scheme is being piloted by both leagues having been trialed last seaosn by various leagues, and looks set

KIT SPONSORSHIP. My sincere thanks go to James Ryan who is sponsoring a new kit for the First Team, carrying a TFFC 50 Years embroidered badge.

TODAY'S ISSUE. There is quite a lot of info to squeeze in this first edition so please take the time to read everything. I think that covers everything for now, so until the next edition, remember that Fortune Favours The Brave! Good luck to everyone this coming season.

Time to get signed up!

It is that time of the year where we need to get players signed up for the season approaching. On the Club's part, we rely on membership income – in additional to the weekly match subs – to cover our large expenditure which this season we expect to top 8k, so collecting in membership fees in very important.

For those who wish to join the TFFC for season 2018/19, and who have not signed up as yet, please click here to go to find the new online Membership Form. If you wish to read details about membership fees, the Code of Conduct, the TFFC rules, Advice to players and the Newcomers' Guide, then click here. The MGBSFL and Masters League (MMFL) have not yet released their league registration forms for 2017/18 – hopefully we will receive these in the coming week or two.

Many of you will possibly be going away over the coming weeks, so please get your membership out of the way as soon as possible – we need your commitment for the new season! If you are not sure about signing up, feel free to email to Simon Linden (First Team) or Andy Montlake (Old Boys Team) to discuss matters regarding your intended team. Officers' email addresses can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

Many thanks to those who have signed up so far. Now we need the rest of you to commit so do not delay, join us today!

Temporary Dismissals ('Sin Bins')

The MGBSFL and MMFL have agreed to adopt the Temporary Dismissals (‘Sin Bins’) scheme which was trialled last season in certain leagues and which will be brought in across all leagues for season 2019/20.

The scheme involves 10-minute ‘sin bins’ for players cautioned for DISSENT only. Below are some questions about Temporary Dismissals.

Q. What offences do temporary dismissals apply to?
A. Temporary dismissals are only for cautions for (C2) – Dissent.

Q. Who do temporary dismissals apply to?
A. Temporary dismissals only apply to players (including goalkeepers) – they are not used for substitutes, substituted players or team officials.

Q. Are temporarily dismissals reported to the appropriate authority?
A. Yes, all temporary dismissals must be reported after the match. They will also form part of the continual misconduct charge for cautions and for club charges in relation to RESPECT Sanctioning.

Q. How does the referee signal a temporary dismissal?
A. The referee signals a temporary dismissal by showing the yellow card (YC) and then clearly pointing with both arms to the temporary dismissal area (usually the player’s technical area if one exists).

Q. How long does the temporary dismissal last?
A. The temporary dismissal period is 10 minutes in Adult Open Aged football. The referee remains the sole judge of the time.

Q. What happens if the half ends and the temporary dismissal period has not
been completed?
A. If a player’s temporary dismissal period is not over at the end of the first half, the remaining time is served from the start of the second half (this is the same at the end of the match if extra time is to be played). If a player’s temporary dismissal period is not over at the end of the match, the player is permitted to take part in penalty shoot-outs. Any period unserved at the end of the game is lost and does not transfer to the next fixture.

Q. Where does the temporarily dismissed player go?
A. A temporarily dismissed player should stay in the team’s technical area; if there is no technical area the player should stay with the team’s coach/technical staff (unless warming-up).

Q. Can a temporarily dismissed player warm up?
A. For reasons of injury prevention, a temporarily dismissed player is allowed to warm-up as if he were a substitute.

Q. When can the temporarily dismissed player return?
A. Once the temporary dismissal period has been completed, the player can return from the touchline with the referee’s permission, which can be while the ball is in play.

Q. Can a temporarily dismissed player be substituted?
A. A temporarily dismissed player can only be substituted at the end of their temporarily dismissal period. However, he cannot be substituted if:
– it is the player’s second temporary dismissal and they have also received a non-dissent caution;
– the team has already used all its permitted substitutes.
Substitutions must take place during a stoppage in play as per the Laws of the Game.

Q. What happens if a temporarily dismissed player commits another offence
during a temporary dismissal?
A. A temporarily dismissed player who commits any cautionable offence (including dissent) (any YC offence) or sending-off/red card (RC) offence during their temporary dismissal period is not allowed to play again in the match and may not be replaced or substituted.

Q. What happens if a temporarily dismissed player results in the team having
less than seven players?
A. Unless it is not the player’s second temporary dismissal in the match, the match continues as the player is still under the jurisdiction of the referee. If it is the player’s second temporary dismissal, the match will be abandoned at the point of going down to less than seven players.

Keep it zipped! Dissent fine increased to £14

With the 'Sin Bin' scheme coming into operation, the Club is aware that going down to 10 men in any game will be detrimental to our teams. Nobody wants to play with reduced numbers so as a deterent, any player yellow carded for DISSENT will not only have time on the touchline but will be fined £14 thereafter. It is a fine which MUST be paid for any back-chat or the player will face omission from his team.

The message is clear – barrack the referee, get sin binned for dissent, and be fined £14 for each offence – KEEP IT ZIPPED! What's more, if you think it's clever to give a ref grief, apart from the sin bin and fine, your team management leave you out because you could become a liability to the team – who wants to play with one man down?

Both leagues down in numbers for 2018/19

At the time of writing this issue, there are 27 teams joining the League for next season. There were a few new teams joining – namely Faithfold 'C', Highgate & Muswell Hill (HMH), Jewdinese, Los Camden 'A' and 'B' (merger of Camden Park and Los Blancos), North London Galaxy, Scrabble 'B' and Spec. But with several leaving from last season, numbers are actually down on 2017/18. Certain teams turned down promotion leaving vacancies further up the League, so a rejig was required with new teams being placed in the top two divisions accordingly. All this to'ing and fro'ing caused the League a lot of problems trying to sort out the divisions.

Premier Division: Brady Maccabi, Faithfold 'A' (promoted), Hendon United Sports Club 'A', Highgate & Muswell Hill (new team, promoted), Los Camden 'A', Maccabi London Lions, Oakwood 'A' . TOTAL 7 TEAMS

Division 1: Bayern Mincha (promoted), Fairlop (promoted), Jewdinese (new team, promoted), Los Camden 'B', North London Galaxy (new team, promoted), North London Raiders 'A' (relegated), North London Raiders 'B', Oakwood 'B', Redbridge Jewish Care 'A' (relegated), Scrabble 'A'. TOTAL 10 TEAMS

Division 2: Faithfold 'B' (merger with Real Hendon), Faithfold 'C', FC Team, Hertswood Vale, Mill Hill Dons, North London Raiders 'C' (formerly NLR Masters), Redbridge Jewish Care 'B', Scrabble 'B' (formerly Scrabble Masters), Spec (new team), Temple Fortune (relegated). TOTAL 10 TEAMS

Due to insufficient teams, Division 1 has been scrapped and one division will be running for season 2018/19. Both Maccabi London Lions 'A' and Highgate & Muswell Hill (HMH) were not rejoining, meaning that Brady Maccabi 'A', Chigwell Athletic, North London Raiders and Scrabble were unable to continue in the league due to new age restrictions. Both North London Raiders and Scrabble moved to the MGBSFL.

So the sole remaining division will consist of Brady Maccabi, EHRS Stonegrove, Glenthorne United, Hendon Harriers, Maccabi London Lions, Marshside, St John's Wood Tigers and Temple Fortune Old Boys.

Find out WhatsAppening with our MGBSFL teams!

We have a TFFC WhatsApp group for our MGBSFL players which First Team players are invited to join. The group was used throughout the last two seasons to good affect, including Club info messages, social evening arrangements, PowerLeague games and a lot more. Plus general banter, images and loads of gentle team-mate 'micky-taking'... the TFFC WhatsApp group is entertaining if nothing else!

If you want to join this 'team-bonding' group, download WhatsApp onto your mobile Andriod/Smart phone and contact Simon Linden who is the main administrator so that you can be invited to join. Strictly Club Members only.

The Club's 42nd Annual General Meeting

Members are cordially invited to attend the AGM on SUNDAY 24TH JUNE 2018 at Hendon Football Club, Silver Jubilee Park, commencing at 10.00am prompt. If you wish to attend the Meeting, please let Nigel know by Sunday 17th June.

A PDF of documentation which includes the Agenda, Minutes of the previous Meeting, Officers' Reports, Accounts, Nominations of Officers and Review of Membership Fees & Weekly Match Subscriptions will be sent to confirmed attendees via email in advance of the Meeting.

Members attending the AGM are asked to arrive at the venue by 9.45am to ensure a prompt start. The Meeting should last approximately an hour and a half. Refreshments will be available, compliments of the Club – but only to those who have confirmed their proposed attendance in the first place.

Advertisers required for the TFFC 50 Years Book

The TFFC 50 Years book is well underway and currently contains 94 pages. Miniature thumbnails of some of the pages were featured on this Facebook page some time last year. The book started in October 2015 and has slowly been compiled with a lot of TFFC-related content. It will include statistics from the 2017/18 season so the final update will occur after the current season has been completed. The schedule is to print the book next summer so that it is ready for the start of the 2018/19 season.

How many copies has yet to be determined but the Club intend to give complimentary copies to every player making at least 100 appearances for TFFC (61 so far). The plan is for individuals outside this category to be given the opportunity to purchase a copy of the book – details will follow about how this can be done. A PDF version will also be available once completed.

Advertisers are welcome to take a quarter-page at £250 with the income contributing towards the cost of the printing. If anyone out there would like to have his company associated with the prestigious TFFC 50 Years Book, please email Nigel on info@tffc.co.uk.

TFFC appearances 2017/18

A reminder that you can keep tabs on all appearances for all three TFFC teams this season via the links you'll find in the left hand column.

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Chairman: Nigel Kyte • Mobile: 0777 323 0477Email: info@tffc.co.uk
Vice Chairman: Nicholas Waitsman • Email: nicholas@timezoneseurope.co.uk
General Secretary and Treasurer: Nigel Kyte • Email: info@tffc.co.uk
Functions Secretary: Peter Kyte • Email: pdk@enablinguk.com
First Team Secretary/Manager: Simon LindenEmail: silinden55@hotmail.co.uk
First Team Assistant Secretary: Lee FeganEmail: lee.fegan@googlemail.com
First Team Assistant Secretary: Steven BlackEmail: steven.black@russellreynolds.com
Old Boys Team Secretary: David GoldbergEmail: david_goldberg58@hotmail.com
Old Boys Team Assistant Secretary: Hilton TeperEmail: hteper@ymail.com

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