Any individual intending to play for Temple Fortune Football Club must join as a Club Member and must meet the criteria required in order to participate in the Maccabi GB Southern Football League (MGBSFL) and Maccabi Masters Football League (MMFL). Anyone not eligible to participate in accordance with the League's rules may not join as a playing member of the Club.

If you need to download CLUB FORMS, click on the second link shown below. There are other links featuring information you will find useful.

The newsletter, THE FORTUNE NEWS, is available to all Club Members who are encouraged to read each issue produced during the season. The newsletter is linked below and tends to be updated most Sunday evenings throughout the season.

Full Members and '200 Club' Menbers are entitled to vote at the AGM and may participate in the ballots for the Player of the Year and Clubman of the Year Awards (held at the end of each season) both as nominees and voters. These membership privileges are not available to Casual Members. Basic group personal insurance is also being provided at no extra cost for all players under the age of 55.

If you have any queries regarding membership or any other issue, please email the Club.

THE FORTUNE NEWS: The Club's online newsletter
CLUB FORMS: TFFC Membership Forms and League Registration Forms
CODE OF CONDUCT: What is expected of players joining the Club
FINES & SUSPENSIONS: A list of disciplinary fines and suspensions
DISCIPLINARY TABLE: This season's bookings, sending offs, Club fines and bans
SPORTSGUARD INSURANCE: Players' cover under the NGIS Personal Accident insurance (link to come once Sportsguard have sent the Club their policy documentation)

There are early payment savings for players joining if paid before 20th July.

Maccabi GB Southern Football League (MGBSFL) and
Maccabi Masters Football League (MMFL) participation:

Definition of Full Membership:
A Full Member is a player who intends to play on a regular basis for Temple Fortune's league teams.
As a guide, a Full Member should play at least ten matches, although team selection is by no means guaranteed and playing fewer matches does not necessarily form the basis of a reduction of the membership fee paid. Team selection will be made on merit by the team secretaries and their assistants.


Definition of Honorary Membership:
A limited few, who have made 200 appearances or more, will be invitedto take up '200 Club' Membership, which obviously is not available by choice.

Definition of Casual Membership:
A Casual Member
is a player who intends to play infrequently for Temple Fortune's league teams, and only when required rather than when available (usually due to a shortage of regular players.)
As a guide, a Casual Member should play no more than five matches. In the event that he plays a few more matches, or starts playing on a more regular basis, he may be required to pay an increased membrship fee.


MGBSFL and MMFL participation:

First Team and Old Boys Team
per player per match

Students, unemployed, playing substitutes: £5 per player per match