To join Temple Fortune FC you need to submit a Membership Form, pay the Membership Fee and complete the appropriate League Registration Form. Before you do that, please read the information below.

We have two main membership options which are outlined below in the next section.
FULL MEMBERSHIP and CASUAL MEMBERSHIP – please read the Definition of Membership to find out about the difference.

A limited few, who have made 200 appearances or more, will be invited to take up '200 CLUB' MEMBERSHIP, which obviously is not available by choice. If you have made less than 200 appearances for the Club, DO NOT click the '200 Club' Membership option. To see who has made 200 or more appearances for the Club, click here.

A FULL MEMBER is a player who intends to play on a regular basis for Temple Fortune's league teams. As a guide, a Full Member should play at least ten matches, although team selection is by no means guaranteed and playing fewer matches does not necessarily form the basis of a reduction of the membership fee paid. Team selection will be made on merit by the team secretaries and their assistants.
A CASUAL MEMBER is a player who intends to play infrequently for Temple Fortune's league teams, and only when required rather than when available (usually due to a shortage of regular players.) As a guide, a Casual Member should play no more than five matches. In the event that he plays a few more matches, or starts playing on a more regular basis, he may be required to pay an increased membership fee.

The Club operates as a non-profit-making organisation and is expecting another high expenditure during the 2017/18 season. To cover all running costs, each player joining is required to pay a membership fee, in addition to a weekly match subscription (match subs) paid prior to each match participated in. A full list of membership fees and match subs for the 2017/18 season can be found here.

Membership fees can be paid by cheque (made payable to TFFC), by cash (hand-delivery only, never send cash via the post) or by bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer, please tick the appropriate box on your membership form that you have done this.

There are TWO League registration forms available so make sure you use the correct one!

MGBSFL: If you are joining to play in the Maccabi GB Southern Football League, click on the link for the MGBSFL below.

MASTERS: If you are joining to play in the Maccabi Masters Football League (for 43 year olds and over), click on the link for the MMFL (MASTERS) below. A small number of players may wish to register for BOTH leagues.

Please carefully read the Code of Conduct before joining. This has replaced the Conditions of Membership and appear on the membership form. The Club's Rules & Regulations should also be read and they are on this website under 'Club Membership' (under 'Players' Section' on the home page). We expect players to conduct themselves in a sporting manner and to refrain from participating in misconduct, and players MUST agree to observe the Code of Conduct, and the Rules & Regulations, when joining.

Please carefully read the important Fines & Suspensions document so that you are aware of the penalties for yellow cards and red cards.

Also it will be most helpful to carefully read the useful Advice To Players information.

If you have any queries relating to Club Membership, including problems with accessing the donwloadable forms below, please contact Nigel Kyte (General Secretary) via email or mobile phone (07773 230 477). Please do not delay joining the Club if you are having difficulties, whether technical or financial – feel free to contact the Club to discuss confidentially. The flexibility is always there to discuss installments and suggested payment plans etc.

You need to complete the TFFC Membership Form and ONE League Registration Form, unless you are intending to register in BOTH Leagues (subject to being eligible for the Masters League).

unless you have played a minimum of 200 games for Temple Fortune FC.

The TFFC Membership Form has never been simpler to complete and submit! It is now all ONLINE – no paper hardcopy to print and post off, or scan in and email. Simply click on the link below, fill in the details, e-sign and submit!

And do not forget to pay the Membership Fee by direct bank transfer. If you prefer to post a cheque or postal order, make it payable to TFFC and post off to the address shown on the form.

Click here for the new online TFFC Membership Form

To be eligible to play League football for TFFC, you must submit a League Registration Form, for either the MGBSFL (younger league) or the MMFL (Masters League for those aged 43+). A small number of players may wish to register for BOTH leagues.

MGBSFL Registration Form: Click here

MMFL (MASTERS) Registration Form: Click here (not available yet)