Membership: Pleasingly we had an increase of Full Members to 27 in total covering both teams (2013/14: 24 for 2 teams; 2012/13: 32 for 3 teams). Of these, 14 were from the First Team and 13 from the Old Boys Team. Casual Membership totaled 8 including 6 from the First Team (2013/14: 3; 2012/13: 10), whilst we signed 9 Honorary Members, all from the Old Boys Team (2013/14: 9; 2012/13: 12). Overall the Club had a total of 44 members for the 2 teams (2013/14: 36 for 2 teams; 2012/13: 54 for 3 teams). This welcomed increase was reflected in the total amount of membership fees collected, which was £2,473 (2013/14: £2,155).

The average membership fees paid were: Full £70.00 (normal fee £75) (2013/14: £66.66; 2012/13: £67.03), Casual £22.75 (normal fee £40) (2013/14: £21.66; 2012/13: £35.00), and Honorary £45.00 (normal fee £55) (2013/14: £54.44; 2012/13: £48.33), giving an overall average of £56.29 per member (2013/14: £59.86; 2012/13: £56.94). One player left – David Shone – who was a former player joining the Old Boys Team. He decided to return to Glenthorne United after only 4 games and received a part refund of his membership fee.

Registrations: We had 29 MGBSFL registrations (2013/14: 23 for 1 team; 2012/13: 49 for 2 teams). The Old Boys Team had 26 players registered for the Masters League (2013/14: 24; 2012/13: 19). Of the 17 competitive matches played by the Old Boys Team, guests had to be used in 5 of them (2013/14: 4; 2012/13: 11) which was satisfactory.

Playing seasons: The First Team played a total of 30 matches (league, cup and friendlies), which equals the record of 30 matches in a season (2013/14: 25). The Old Boys Team played 20 matches (league, cup and friendlies), which is 4 short of the Old Boys record of 24 (2013/14: 19).

Pitches: The First Team played 6 matches at the Roger Bannister Sports Centre (2013/14: 7; 2012/13: 10). We were able to play three home matches at the venues of the opposition during the winter months when we did not have the RBSC available.

Discipline: The First Team had 10 cautions (2013/14: 5; 2012/13: 33) and the Old Boys Team 1 caution (2013/14: 7; 2012/13: 9). Regarding sending–offs, the First Team again had none (2013/14: 0; 2012/13: 6), and the Old Boys Team also none (2013/14: 2; 2012/13: 1). Altogether, we amassed 11 cautions and no sending offs (2013/14: 12 yellows and 2 reds for 2 teams; 2012/13: 50 yellows, 9 reds for 3 teams). As General Secretary I dealt with ‘just’ 11 cases (2013/14: 14; 2012/13: 60), which reflected another improvement. I would like to thank the teams’ management and, of course, the players for keeping the number of cases reduced.

League fines: Our MGBSFL fines totaled £10 for 1 team (2013/14: £25 for 1 team; 2012/13: £70 for 2 teams) showing an improvement for the second season running. The Old Boys Team did not collect a single fine again. The First Team’s fine was for a late team sheet.

Subs collection: We retained match subs at £8 per player per game for the fourth season running. Again we did not hire a training venue throughout 2014/15. The First Team collected an average of £84.20 per match (2013/14: £88.04; 2012/13: £80.96), which is satisfactory. The Old Boys Team collected an average of £79.15 (2013/14: £80.78; 2012/13: £81.09). The subs totaled £3,941 for 2 teams (2013/14: £3,648 for 2 teams; 2012/13: £5,732 for 3 teams. Peter Kyte collected an additional £81 from the Founders’ XI which took part in 2 Founders’ Shield matches. I would like to thank all those who collected the subs for bringing in this vital income.

Events: We held the 2015 Awards Presentation event on Sunday 7th June 2014 at Silver Jubilee Park, which attracted 20 people (2013/14: 19; 2012/13: 12). My thanks go to Peter Kyte for organising the food for this event, Mike Shorvon for his help on the day, Nick Waitsman for presenting the individual players’ trophies and Hilton Teper for taking the photographs.

The Jack Kyte Challenge Cup match preceded the Awards Presentation at the same venue and was won by the First Team on penalties. The Founders’ Shield was played as a round robin competition involving 3 teams, which included the Founders’ XI previously mentioned. Two venues were used – the Hertfordshire Sports Village and Thomas Parmiter Sports Centre – and the Old Boys Team won the Shield for the first time since 2006.

Michael Goldberg arranged a special friendly played at Crystal Palace FC’s ground against EDRS Stonegrove on Sunday 31st May 2015. As with last season’s end-of-season match at Leicester City FC, the expenditure was covered ‘unofficially’ by contribution by the players themselves and it was decided not to include the income and expenditure for this fixture in the accounts.

Equipment: The 2 teams wore their first choice kits again during the season – the yellow and red Daniel Stewart kit by the First Team, and the red and yellow Ellis & Co kit by the Old Boys Team. We have noticed that the TFFC badge on the Daniel Stewart shirts have faded and some have begun to peel. This set of shirts will now be phased out and used as ‘clash’ or emergency kit in the future. In storage we have 2 Bekhors green and white kits, the yellow and red Ellis & Co kit, the Founders’ shirts (red and yellow broad stripes), the all-yellow and navy Bekhors kit and the set of red Ellis & Co shirts which the First Team used as ‘clash’ kit. There is also a set of 10 outfield Kingsleys shirts (yellow with the large navy ‘stars’ design) in storage.

It is my intention to reintroduce the yellow and red Ellis & Co kit – in excellent condition – for use by the First Team during the 2015/16 season, since the shirts carry a special ‘40’ badge which is ideal to commemorate the Club’s fortieth season in Maccabi fooball. We replaced the Old Boys team’s yellow socks whilst the First Team used new red socks bought during the previous season and held in storage. We again stocked up on some footballs for the First Team, whilst Hilton Teper continued to supply footballs for the Old Boys Team.

Training: For the second season running the Club did not arrange official training, so our expenditure was again nothing (2013/14: None; 2012/13: £1,100, a record-high).

Conclusion: Administration ran smoothly overall with no major hick-ups. The Club’s main objective following the disciplinary shambles of 2012/13 was to get back on track. So, for the second season running, I am happy to report that TFFC achieved this again. Despite another poor playing season all round, we can draw much positivity from enjoying a good admin-wise season.

NIGEL KYTE, June 2015