Membership: We had 24 Full Members for our 2 teams (2012/13: 32 for 3 teams). Of these, 14 were from the First Team and 10 from the Old Boys Team. Casual Membership totaled 3 (2012/13: 10), whilst we signed 9 Honorary Members (2012/13: 12). Of these Honorary Members, 2 were from the First Team and the rest Old Boys. Overall the Club had a total of 36 members for the 2 teams (2012/13: 54 for 3 teams). The total of membership fees collected was £2,155 (2011/12: £3,075). The average membership fees paid were: Full £66.66 (normal fee £75) (2012/13: £67.03), Casual £21.66 (normal fee £40) (2012/13: £35.00), and Honorary £54.44 (normal fee £55) (2012/13: £48.33), giving an overall average of £59.86 per member (2012/13: £56.94).

Registrations: With 1 MSFL team in operation compared to 2 the previous season, registrations were always going to be reduced, the total being 23 (2012/13: 49). The Old Boys Team had 24 players registered for the Masters League (2012/13: 19). Of the 17 competitive matches played by the Old Boys Team, guests had to be used in only 4 of them (2012/13: 11) which was a welcomed reduction.

Pitches: Having lost the use of the 3G pitch at The Hive, we retained the Roger Bannister Sports Centre for the First Team, taking over the  Second Team’s slot. We played 7 matches at the RBSC (2012/13: 10). Due to the poor weather endured during the season, we had to hire numerous other pitches to get home fixtures played – 1 each at Chase Lodge, Hertfordshire Sports Village and West Hendon Playing Fields. For 2 of these, we paid the referees’ fees rather than pitch costs by agreement with the opposition.

Discipline: The First Team had 5 cautions (2012/13: 33) and the Old Boys Team 7 cautions (2012/13: 9), of which 2 were incurred by guest players. Regarding sending–offs, the First Team had an impressive none (2012/13: 6), and the Old Boys Team 2 (2012/13: 1). Altogether, we amassed 12 cautions and 2 sending offs for the 2 teams (2012/13: 50 yellows, 9 red for 3 teams). As General Secretary I dealt with ‘just’ 14 cases, compared to an appalling record high 60 in 2012/13. I am delighted with the improvement and would like to thank the teams’ management and, of course, the players for keeping the number of cases substantially down.

League fines: Our MSFL fines totaled £25 for 1 team (2012/13: £70 for 2 teams) showing an improvement for the second season running. The Old Boys Team did not collect a single fine again. Of the First Team’s fines, 2 were incurred for admin errors – incomplete or late team sheets where 1 Club fine was issued. The other was a dubious first aid kit fine which we decided not to appeal against (the referee’s word against ours which would have been hard to contest).

Subs collection: We retained match subs at £8 per player per game for the third season running. There was no additional training fee taken (2012/13: £2 per player per match, First Team only) since we did not hire a training venue throughout 2013/14 unlike the previous season. The First Team collected an average of £88.04 per match (2012/13: £80.96), a very good improvement. The Old Boys Team collected an average of £80.78 (2012/13: £81.09) which was a marginal reduction. Michael Goldberg refunded £150 in subs owed from the 2012/13 season. The subs totaled £3,648 for 2 teams (2012/13: £5,732 for 3 teams. I would like to thank all those who collected the subs for bringing in this vital income.

Events: We held the 2014 Awards Presentation Lunch on Sunday 1 June 2014 at the Moor Mill Beefeater, Bricket Wood, which attracted XX people (2012/13: 12). My thanks go to Peter Kyte for helping to organise the event. The Club’s 45th anniversary celebration small-sided tournament was successfully completed on a sunny morning on Sunday 29th December 2013 at Princes Park and was attended by David Wolff, MSFL Chairman, who presented the Cup and medals. Afterwards we then had a small reception at the Three Hammers with some food and drink paid for by the Club for a number of tournament participants.

Following the postponement of the Jack Kyte Challenge Cup match in season 2012/13, the tournament counted as the 2012/13 JKCC fixture. The Cup was again contested for in May at the Thomas Parmiter Sports Centre where the First Team defeated the Old Boys 8–4. Michael Goldberg arranged a special friendly played at Leicester City’s ground against Boca Jewniors on Sunday 25th May 2014. The expenditure was covered ‘unofficially’ by contribution by the players themselves and it was decided not to include the income and expenditure for this fixture in the accounts.

Equipment: The 2 teams wore their first choice kits again during the season – the yellow and red Daniel Stewart kit by the First Team, and the yellow and red Ellis & Co kit by the Old Boys Team. However, in December 2013, the Old Boys Team received a new red and yellow playing kit generously sponsored by James Ryan of Ellis & Co. I would like to record our grateful thanks to him for his continued support. In storage we have 2 Bekhors green and white kits, the Founders’ shirts (red and yellow broad stripes), the all-yellow and navy Bekhors kit and the set of red Ellis & Co shirts which the First Team used as ‘clash’ kit. We stocked up on footballs and a new carrying bag for the First Team, whilst Hilton Teper generously supplied some footballs for the Old Boys Team. During the season I bought quite a few decent footballs in storage for next season.

Training: With one MSFL team folding, the Club dropped official training, so our expenditure was zero (2012/13: £1,100, a record-high). Jonathan Cohen arranged a few ‘unofficial’ sessions at the PowerLeague in Mill Hill, the cost of which were covered by participants.

Conclusion: Looking at the previous 2 seasons, I reported that the 2011/12 season was good on the admin front where we covered our costs efficiently. In complete contrast, the 2012/13 season was a nightmare and was one of the worst on record. With 2 teams running instead of 3, administration was always likely to be vastly improved, which it was despite a few limited hick-ups, and I can confidently state that we achieved our objective of getting the Club back on track.

NIGEL KYTE, June 2014