Membership: We had 45 Full Members, 3 more than the previous season. Given that we normally aim for 15 per team, this figure was smack on the mark. Casual Membership increased to 9 compared to 6 the previous season, whilst we signed 9 Honorary Members, compared to 11 the previous season. Overall the Club had a total of 63 members, an increase of 3 compared to the 2010/11 season, although we released 2 players – Saul Stern and Byron Watkins, both from the Second Team – during the season. They received the first membership refunds in 3 years. The average membership fees paid were: Full £65.77 (normal fee £70), compared to £52.14 in 2010/11, Casual £27.77 (normal fee £40) compared to £22.50 in 2010/11, and Honorary £47.22 (normal fee £50) compared to £35.00 in 2010/11, giving an overall average of £57.69 per member, which was an increase of approximately £11 on season 2010/11.

Registrations: With 2 MSFL teams in operation again, registrations were increased from 52 to 56. The Masters team had 20 players registered, 4 up on the previous season. Having some new players and better availability resulted in fewer guests being used during the season.

Pitches: As reported at last year’s AGM, we were offered a grass pitch at The Hive for our MSFL teams to replace the two we had at Hatch End Playing Fields. Then followed the news that Barnet FC decided to use the pitch allocated to us for junior football. Stuart Lustigman offered us use of one of the 3G pitches at the same price which we accepted for 10 weeks. We also accepted Gosling Sports Park also for 10 weeks following the demise of Inter Borehamwood FC. Whereas we had been paying £68 per game at Hatch End, our pitch hire costs rose to £136 per game at The Hive and £140 per game at Gosling. As a result we had to raise our fees to cover the increased expenditure. The usage at both venues was good but we did need extra permits to fulfil both teams’ fixture obligations.

Discipline: We collected a total of 28 cautions, which was 6 up on the previous season. The First Team had 14 and one red card, the Second Team had 11 and the Old Boys 3. Although I realise that cautions are inevitable over the course of the season, I would like team managers to try to drum into players the need for better sportsmanship and respect, especially for the referees. We had too many yellow cards for dissent which are the cautions I find unacceptable and at £16 a time, players need to keep it zipped.

League fines: With £10 being the overall total for the previous two seasons, the 2011/12 tally of £102 was far too high. The majority of this was down to the Second Team’s deficiencies more than anything. As previously reported, the ineligible players in the very first game amounted to a fair percentage of this amount. Things were going ok until the closing weeks when Adam Glekin’s failure to see to several admin duties incurred over £40 in fines. Both the First Team and Old Boys Team collected £10 in fines. Generally speaking, there are improvements to be made to keep fines to an absolute minimum.

Subs collection: Bearing in mind that we raised fees to £8 per player per game, the First Team collected an average of £75.85 per match compared to £60.62 during the previous season, the Second Team £77.25 compared to £58.87 for 2011/12 and the Old Boys Team £76.91 compared to £66.21. These increased amounts brought in a record total of £5903. Allowing for students and kit washing reductions, I believe that these amounts were satisfactory and I would like to thank all those who collected the subs for bringing in this vital income.

Events: On 11 May, the First Team played another special end-of-season match at Vicarage Road arranged by Lee Fegan. Last year Fortune lost narrowly by 1-0 but on this occasion we won 3-1. The match saw the welcomed return of Ben Isaacs after a year out with cruciate knee ligament damage. We held the 2012 Awards Presentation Lunch on 3 June at the Round Bush in Aldenham, which attracted only 11 people. This included a player’s fiancée plus Mike Shorvon and myself, leaving just only 8 out of 61 Members on the Club’s books who attended. Over 50% down on last season’s lunch, which was very disappointing, of the 8 players present, one came from the Old Boys and none from the Second Team. Thanks go to Lee for at least getting some First Teamers there.

Equipment: Towards the end of 2011, the First Team suffered a blow kit-wise when the Daniel Stewart & Co kit, in which they won the MSFL Division 2 championship, was stolen whilst in the possession of First Teamer Matt Gilbery. The Club purchased a replacement kit virtually in the same style and Gilbery reimbursed £400 of the cost in three installments. The Second Team and Old Boys Team wore the all-red and all-yellow kits respectively, both sponsored by Ellis & Co. Due to playing at the 3G at The Hive, which runs adjacent to the Jubilee Line, we stocked up on footballs but didn’t lose too many overall. I intend to purchase three new kit bags for next season and to replenish the first aid kits.

Training: Lee Fegan and jack Morris ran training both at Mill Hill Park in the summer and then at London Maccabi at Rowley Lane where we hired a third of their excellent 3G pitch under floodlights. Attendance figures were good at Mill Hill Park and started ok at London Maccabi but then fell away as winter approached. Of the 20 weeks originally booked, we made the decision to cancel training after 15 weeks which cost the Club £600. Training income fell short but not significantly. Ultimately numbers from the First Team dwindled but the situation was not helped by the general lack of support from Second Team players.

Conclusion: Despite a few admin problems previously outlined, and considering the increase in expenditure, I would say that we had a fairly good season admin-wise and covered our costs efficiently. In this respect, I would like to thank everyone who helped collect weekly subs and training fees and for the general cooperation of most individuals throughout the season.

NIGEL KYTE, June 2012