Membership: We had 25 Full Members for the 2 teams, a reduction of 5 compared to the previous season when we ran 3 teams, also 5 down on season 2006/07 when we ran 2 teams. Casual Membership was reduced from 13 to 5 compared to the previous season but bettered the 2006/07 figure of only 3. We had 7 Honorary Members, compared to 13 the previous season. Overall the Club had a total of 37 members, compared to 57 the previous season when we ran 3 teams, and 40 the season before that. Given that we normally aim for 15 Full Members per team, 25 was down on our target although comparatively speaking the overall membership income was better than the previous season considering we ran 2 teams as opposed to 3. There were no membership refunds compared to 3 and 1 for the past two seasons.

Registrations: MSFL registrations were down from 27 to 20 players, whilst the Masters team had 19 players registered, compared to 41 the season before (with 3 teams) and 22 in 2006/07. We had 19 players registered for the ‘B’ team during the previous season, so in effect the number remained static.

Pitches: Pitch hire at Hatch End Playing Fields for the MSFL team matched the previous season in that we used 11 permits out of 19, which included 4 additional pitches of which we only paid for one. The folding of one Old Boys team naturally resulted in a big saving in Masters pitch hire costs, amounting to around £1200.

Discipline: Our disciplinary record was once again good which was very pleasing. We had only 7 cautions of which 3 were for the First Team and 4 for the Old Boys Team, compared to 10 cautions between the 3 teams during the previous season. When we last ran 2 teams in 2006/07 we had 18 cautions and 12 the season before that, so only 7 cautions in a total of 38 competitive fixtures is comparatively good. We had one technical sending off in the First Team for denying a goalscoring opportunity which was not subsequently reported. I would like to congratulate the team secretaries and their assistants and the players for maintaining a satisfactory disciplinary record.

League fines: The MSFL team collected one fine of £10 compared to nil and £42 over the previous two seasons. Although the Old Boys ‘A’ team collected £85 in Masters fines the previous season, we ought to look at the ‘B’ team’s excellent record of no fines which was again matched during 2009/10. So well done to everyone for keeping fines to a minimum.

Subs collection: The First Team collected an average of £56.11 per match compared to £53.23 per match during the previous season, and £55.69 per match the season before that. The Old Boys Team collected £62.42 per match which marginally bettered the previous season’s average of £62.36, and compared favourably to the Old Boys ‘A’ team figure of £58.81 per match. Well done to Mike and Peter in particular for keeping the figures relatively high. Once again, the Treasurer’s Excel spreadsheets were accurate in recording our income
and expenditure throughout the season and saved a lot of time in compiling the accounts and income/ expenditure sheet.

Events: We held the awards presentation lunch on 6 June which was again successful and well attended, although attendance were down from 29 to 20. Another advantage of running 2 teams compared to 3 was the reduction in trophy and engraving costs.

Equipment: We used the two excellent Ellis & Co kits for our two teams but hope to have a new First Team sponsored kit for next season. If this happens, both teams will be playing in yellow and red again.

In conclusion: Considering the Club made a loss over the previous two seasons, finances during the 2009/10 season were prudently run and pleasingly we made a small profit which would have been better but for the training deficit. Administration was well run despite a problematical season weatherwise in January and February, and all in all, we enjoyed a much improved season compared to 2008/09.

NIGEL KYTE (on behalf of the General Secretary), June 2010