Membership: We had 30 Full Members (24 in 2005/06), 3 Casual Members (10 in 2005/06) and 9 Honorary Members (8 in 2005/06), giving us a total of 41 members, which was 1 down on the previous season. There was 1 membership refund – Perry Greenblatt – which was the same number as the previous season.

Registrations: We had 25 registered MSFL players, compared to 21 the previous season. With the Masters team, we also had 25 registered players, 4 more than the previous season. Of the 50 registered players in total, we lost Jeff Gotch, Perry Greenblatt, Nigel Grunberg and Ronnie Poole during the season.

Pitches: We hired Whitchurch Playing Fields for the second season in succession and used it 12 times out of 15, which is 80% usage, comapred to 11 out of 15 the previous season (73%). On one occasion we hired Whitchurch to North London Juniors FC, so we wasted only 2 Sundays which is our best record for years. In the Masters League, we hired 26 pitches, of which 19 were on grass and 7 were on G3 astrograss pitches.

Discipline: We had 12 cautions (10 MSFL, 2 Masters), compared to 9 cautions collectively the previous season. There were 2 sending offs compared to no dismissals the previous season, although one was subsequently downgraded to a caution.

League fines: The MSFL team collected one fine of £6, which is our lowest total for many seasons. This compared to £23 the previous season, £40 in 2004/05 and a staggering £150 in 2003/04. The improvement over 4 years has been excellent and thanks go to Mike Kaye and Mike Shorvon in particular for keeping MSFL fines to a minimum.

Subs collection: As agreed last year, the Club introduced a new system for collecting and monitoring weekly match subs. Pre-printed envelopes were used by Mike Shorvon and Steve Feiger and passed on to Nigel who recorded the figures using spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. Therefore, the collection of subs was accurate and evidently solved the problems encountered over the years. However, the envelopes tended to tear and need to be replaced by stronger envelopes or money bags for next season.

Club Dinner: Following the success of the Gala Morning which included the Awards presentation for 2005/06 last September, we did not arrange a dinner for the second year running. Although we were forced to postpone the Awards morning 2 weeks ago, we are repeating a Gala Morning-type event at Hillingdon Borough FC in September.

In conclusion: Overall, the season ran very well. Most pleasing was the improvement with match subs collection and low MSFL fines. The Club has continued to be run very efficiently, showing an annual improvement for a number of years now, and thanks go to all Officers, together with Steve Feiger for his invaluable help. We hope to maintain the high standards of efficiency next season.

LYNNE KYTE, June 2007