Membership: We had 24 Full Members, 10 Casual Members and 8 Honorary Members, giving us a total of 42 members, which is 8 up on the previous season. There was 1 membership refund – Adam Feather – compared to none the previous season.

Registrations: We had 21 registered MSFL players, compared to 24 the previous season. Regarding the Masters, we had 21 registered players, 4 more than the previous season.

Pitches: We hired Whitchurch Playing Fields for the first time and used it 11 times out of 15, which is 73% usage. This exactly matched the usage at Childs Hill Park during the previous season.

Discipline: We had 9 cautions (8 MSFL, 1 Masters), compared to 14 cautions collectively the previous season. Both teams had fewer cautions than during 2004/05. There were no sending offs compared to 4 dismissals the previous season. The management for both teams must be praised for the improved discipline for the second season running.

League fines: The MSFL team picked up fines of £23, compared to £40 the previous season. The £23 was made up of £10 for two team sheet offences, plus £13 for missing equipment (two balls and one first aid). We need to avoid these team sheet offences next season because the fine has recently been doubled to £10 a time. Again there were no Masters fines. However, the MSFL fines total was an improvement for the second season running. Since we paid fines totalling £150 two seasons ago, matchday admin has vastly improved with is very pleasing. Well done to the management team again.

Club Dinner: Sadly we were forced to cancel the dinner for the first time ever. Organising the dinner, which initially was left to Mike Shorvon, was fraught with problems. In the end, a poor response meant that we had to take a decision to cancel.

In conclusion: Overall, the season was generally smooth-running, thanks to improved matchday admin and better subs collecting, although the way the money is received by the Club needs to be improved. Since being hit with record fines and disciplinary problems two seasons ago, things have settled down nicely and all officers must be commended for raising our standards again. The Club has been run far more efficiently over the past two years and we must look to maintain this pleasing trend next season.

LYNNE KYTE, June 2006