Membership: We had 25 Full Members, 3 Casual Members and 6 Honorary Members. This compared favourably to recent seasons. There were no membership refunds, compared to 3 in the previous season.

Registrations: We had 24 registered MSFL players for one team, compared to 44 for 2 teams during the previous season, which represents an increase. However, we only had 17 registered Masters players, 4 fewer than the previous season.

Pitches: We used Childs Hill Park 11 times out of 15, which is 73% usage. This was a substantial improvement on the previous season's 53%, although at West Hendon Playing Fields it had been 73% too. The urinating issue has resulted in the Club being banned from Childs Hill Park after a residency of 8 seasons there. We are now on the look out for an alternative venue for our MSFL team.

Discipline: We had 14 cautions (11 MSFL, 3 Masters), compared to 16 cautions collectively the previous season. We had 4 sending offs (1 MSFL, 3 Masters) which was a vast improvement on the previous season's 9 dismissals, 8 of them for our MSFL team. The MSFL team management in particular must be praised for the welcomed disciplinary improvement.

League fines: The MSFL team picked up fines totalling £40. This was made up of £30 for failing to attend the pre-season League Council meeting when Mike Shorvon was hospitalised, and 2 £5 fines for team sheet offences. However, the fines total was a vast improvement on the previous season's unacceptable tally of £150, so again well done to the management team. There were no Masters fines.

Club Dinner: I would like to thank members who attended the dinner for their support and prompt payment. I hope everyone had an enjoyable evening.

All in all, a much better season administratively after the shambles of 2003/04. Thank you to all officers for their efforts in improving matchday admin standards which was very pleasing. Sadly, the pitch situation at Childs Hill Park marred an otherwise good season for the Club.

LYNNE KYTE, June 2005