This past season has been very poor in terms of administration and indiscipline. Infact, one of the worst on record during the Club’s lengthy league history.

Off the field, we have made a considerable financial loss, as the Treasurer will undoubtedly cover in his report. We had fewer members than the previous season, obviously causing reduced income from the outset. We had 28 Full Members of which 3 received part reimbursements after leaving. This meant that we had only 25 Full Members for our 2 MSFL teams, our lowest tally for many seasons. Although is it Club policy to reward loyalty and long service, it is a fact that nearly one third of our Old Boys membership were non-paying honoraries, which clearly does not help improve income.

Another huge disappointment was the collection of match subs. Overall the amounts taken in by our MSFL teams were unsatisfactory and lowered our income considerably. Again this is a concern which the Treasurer will raise. MSFL fines were increased to a record £150, which was more than double the previous season. The First Team collected 12 separate fines whilst the Second Team had 7. Although 2 fines totalling £70 were for postponing fixtures without permission, the other 17 fines were for matchday admin deficiencies, which were avoidable. Two years ago, the fines totalled £39. Last year, it was £66. Now the tally is a horrendous and totally unacceptable £150.

We had 44 registered MSFL players, 6 down on the previous season. We had 21 registered Masters players, 2 up on the previous season. Home pitch usage was inferior to the previous season. We used Childs Hill Park and West Hendon 19 times collectively out of 30 possible weeks, compared to 22 the previous season. Childs Hill had only 53% usage for one reason or another, the lowest for years, compared to 73% at West Hendon. This meant additional pitch hire and increased costs.

Disciplinary figures make alarming reading – 9 sent off and 16 booked, the highest ever overall in one season. The Club were hit with a London FA misconduct fine for £50 and face a disciplinary hearing before the MSFL next month. More reasons why the 2003/04 season has been so awful.

To sum up, it is abundantly clear that matchday admin was way below satisfaction during the 2003/04 season and discipline was dire overall. Next season, the incoming Management Committee must clearly pull together and ensure that administration improves drastically. In particular, we must rebuild the Club’s damaged funds by running most efficiently.

LYNNE KYTE, June 2004