The rise in membership fees at last years' AGM brought in a record high membership income. We had 44 Full and Old Boys members and 3 Casual members, giving us a healthy sum of just over £1500. Including 6 Honorary Members, we had a total of 53 Club Members. Four of them left us during the season.

50 players were registered with the M(S)FL and 19 with the Masters League. Another 2 players registered directly with the Masters which is not preferable. I like all registrations to be sent to me so that we can monitor them. One registration was handled by Steve Feiger direct with the player, Mike Schneider, who did not bother to submit his form even though he actually played for the Old Boys in the Masters. Steve wrongly assumed that Schneider had registered and we were subsequently charged with playing an ineligible player, resulting in a reprimand against the Club from League. Next season, all registrations must come through me and they will then be submitted to the two leagues, which is the normal safe procedure.

Home pitch usage was OK in that we used 22 of the 30 pitches available at Childs Hill Park and West Hendon Playing Fields. The First Team played 5 and 7 games at Childs Hill and West Hendon respectively, whilst the Seconds played 5 and 4 respectively, including friendlies. The Old Boys played one league match at West Hendon and the rest at venues arranged by the Masters League.

Regarding matchday admin, we collected the highest total of fines for quite a few years – £63 – which was very disappointing. Again the First Team's matchday admin was not as good as it should be. They were fined too often for team sheet offences in particular. The previous season we had £39 in fines so the increase is not welcomed and proves that we must strive to improve matchday admin next season. Hopefully, Ricky Stone will be more efficient in running this side of the First Team next season if elected.

Weekly match subs were down this season mainly due to fewer matches being played collectively. These included 6 double-headers which is the most we have had in one season. Assuming subs of, say, £50 per game, losing 6 matches for this reason costs us some £300 in lost income which partly explains the reduction.

As reported e-mail technology ran very smoothly and reduced the need for too many letters, which meant lower postage costs. The e-mailed newsletter was a great success and I would like to thank Nigel for running it. He produced over 60 separate issues which were sent to about 45 members. Never before have our members received so much information, so quickly.

LYNNE KYTE, June 2003