In helping Nigel deal with more postponements on Friday or Saturday nights than I care to remember, I would certainly agree that this season has been an admin nightmare!

PITCHES: Regarding Barnet Council pitch hire, out of 15 weeks at both Childs Hill Park and West Hendon, we used Childs Hill only 5 times and West Hendon 8. Only one extra pitch was used at each venue during the extention period. Of their 9 home league games, the First Team played 3 times at both Childs Hill and West Hendon. The Second Team played 5 home league games at West Hendon and 1 at Childs Hill out of 7 scheduled fixtures. All in all, this means that the Club used only 13 Barnet permits out of 30, compared to 23 out of 30 during the previous season. It was our lowest use of home pitches ever. The Council will not reimburse any fees paid and all we had to show for so many postponements were 2 additional permits. We used 12 pitches at Woodhouse College, where we enjoyed a 10% discount. In 3 Masters League matches held there, plus the Memorial Trophy game, we received 50% back from our opponents.

REGISTRATIONS: We had 54 registered Maccabi Southern League players compared to 47 in the previous season. In the Masters League, we signed 22 players, an increase of 3 compared to the 1999-2000 season.

MEMBERSHIP: We signed 34 Full Members, an increase of 6 on the previous season, of which 26 paid the discounted fee of £35 whilst 4 paid the full £45 for late payments. 4 players paid reduced fees and 2 received part refunds. They were Barry White and Simon Zeital who both asked to leave the Club. The Club introduced Old Boys membership for the first time which helped finance the team in the enlarged Masters League. 10 players paid the discounted fee of £20, 5 didn't pay anything extra as Full Members, and the remaining 7 were Honorary Members who paid registration fees only. We had 8 Casual Members, compared to 16 the previous season. The figure was reduced because of the new Old Boys fee. 5 Casuals paid the discounted fee of £15 whilst one paid £10 for joining fairly late in the season. 2 were not asked for money because they played few games during the previous season.

DISCIPLINE: Discipline was satisfactory again this season with 13 cautions which equalled the previous season. We had just one sending off for a technical offence rather than proper misconduct. This was Lloyd Botchin who was sent off by the Chairman in a Masters League game, but this counted as sufficient punishment and did not incur a fine or ban. For the second season running, we did not have a player sent off for violent conduct or abuse or for 2 cautions. Considering the number of competitive games played over 2 seasons, plus the hostility and provocation from some opponents, this is an excellent achievement of which we can be very proud. It makes the leaflets and reminders all worthwhile. Obviously the message that misconduct will not be tolerated is getting through to our players. Also the disciplinary control by the Team Secretaries must be having an effect so well done to them.

FINES: The Club incurred 3 M(S)FL fines amounting to £26 compared to 1 fine costing £20 in the previous season. One fine was £20 imposed for postponing a Second Team league match without permission in November.

Finally, I would like to thank Simon Allen in particular for covering for Steve Feiger with the First Team, plus the other officers for generally making sure that the Club continued to be well run over the course of a very long season.

LYNNE KYTE, June 2001