CLUB CHAIRMAN Nigel Kyte expressed his sincerest thanks to Phil Friend who decided to stand down as Second Team Secretary at the end of the 1998/99 season. "Phil has been an absolute credit to the Club and did an excellent job during his spell on the Management Committee," said Nigel. "He was instrumental in the Second Team’s reformation and it was mainly due to his continued efforts in the early days that the team progressed so quickly. Do not forget that after the Second XI was revived, the side lost the first seven games in succession. Never once did Phil lose heart and it was down to his enthusiasm that the whole experiment was kept alive."

The Chairman recalled the many times he discussed Club matters with the amiable Scotsman. "We would speak on a weekly basis and he would keep me updated on Second Team affairs. Nothing was ever too much for him and his absolute cooperation with the First Team was unquestionably as good as you could ever expect. A more committed TF man you could not hope to find and I will personally miss his invaluable contribution in an official capacity."

After three years as Second Team Secretary, plus a third unofficially undertaking pretty much the same role in 1997/98, Phil decided to pass on the reigns to someone else. Whilst in charge, his team gained promotion to the Fourth Division in its first season back and also won the M(S)FL’s prestigious Sportsmanship & Turnout Trophy, the first bit of league silverware ever captured by Temple Fortune’s Second XI.

"Not only that," added Nigel, "but the Seconds actually survived in Division 4 this season which was the primary objective. Undoubtedly, Phil Friend has been the most successful Second Team Secetary – a trophy and a promotion in two league seasons – and I therefore add my heartiest congratulations to my appreciation of a fine, dedicated individual."

Phil’s work for the Club did not go unrewarded, gaining him a Merit Award and three consecutive Clubman of the Year awards from the Second Team. "Fully deserved," concluded the Chairman, "and I hope he continues with us for a few more years to come. Who knows, we may have him back one day as a future Old Boys Team Secretary!"
Phil Friend, pictured right, receives his Second Team Clubman of the Year trophy at the TFFC AGM in June 1999. He went on to record a third successive Clubman accolade at the end of the following season, the first player to achieve this for the Club.