What has Peter Kyte got in common with Thierry Henry? Well, apart from the obvious fact that they both are footballers, the only other similarity is the number 14 shirt!

FOR THE PAST few seasons Peter has always made a point of reaching into the kit bag and finding his beloved number fourteen shirt. He has done this ever since first adorning 14 when Temple Fortune first wore the Kingsleys kit in 1995. "I recall being a sub and having the No.14 thrown at me. And I've made a beeline for it ever since," says Peter. "I've even told the odd player who has pulled on 14 by mistake to hand it over! Fourteen is reserved for me and will always be MINE!" he jokes. "You've got to remember that I started wearing No.14 long before Thierry joined Arsenal. So the trend for pulling on 14 started with me!" Woe betied any Temple Fortune player who grabs his favourite shirt number, Peter has well and truly made this particular shirt his own for over 10 years now! Concludes Temple Fortune's longest serving player: "I simply will not wear any other shirt.. it's my lucky number and I will carry on grabbing that No.14 for as long as I play!"

Shown left is a typical "Peter Kyte' shirt together with his salver for reaching 600 appearances for the Club.