A CO-FOUNDER of the Club in 1968, there is no mistaking the identity of Temple Fortune’s appearances record holder. Always the first to reach each century of games, PETER KYTE has been way ahead of any other player ever since his debut at the age of only 14.

A Second Team Player of the Year three times, Merit Award winner twice and former Clubman of the Year once, he recovered from career-threatening injuries to pass 400 and then 500 appearances. Now, as a measure of his loyal commitment spanning well over 30 years, this superb servant to the Club reached an astonishing 600 appearances in the last game of the 2003/04 campaign.

Like Jonathan Davidoff, who reached 400 games during the 2003/04 season, Peter received a special signed commemorative shirt at the inaugural Jack Kyte Memorial Trophy game on 23rd May 2004, a fitting occasion inwhich to commemorate his 600th appearnce for Temple Fortune.

Peter with the commemorative salver he received at the Club's Dinner on Sunday 6th June 2004