The Merit Plaque of Distinction is best described by the wording on the reverse of the Club's oldest artifact itself, which reads: 'A Roll of Honour in recognition of outstanding achievements.'

The Plaque, which was hand-painted by Nigel Kyte in the late 1970s, is made of mahogany and is approximately nine inches square. It is edged in blue enamel paint with a blue and yellow border, carrying decorative corner pieces. The name of the Club is engraved in white on a wood-effect panel above a shield-shaped crest, which carries emblems on blue and yellow quarters representing the London Football Association and the Maccabi (Southern) Football League.

The two footballers depicted left and right are kitted out in green and white, the Club's first colours when entering the M(S)FL in 1976, and yellow and red, which became the traditional colours in 1985. The shorts of the yellow-shirted player were originally painted white (being the first 'proper' colours Temple Fortune wore in 1971); the red was penned in (on the socks too) around the mid-eighties!

The Merit Plaque is displayed as a permanent record at the Club's AGM and/or Dinner each year for attending members to view; however, it has never actually been presented to any of the numerous "winners"! On the reverse is a list of names showing the achievements deserving of the award.

The criteria for appearing on the Merit Plaque includes a Temple Fortune player winning one of the M(S)FL Player of the Year awards, three times a TFFC Player of the Year for any one team or three times winner of the Chairman's Merit Award. Other notable memorable milestones may warrant inclusion as well.