Information and key for TFFC's All-Time Official Results pages.

Unless otherwise indicated, teams listed in the summaries are always First Xls. Where a Club has two or more teams in different leagues, the First and subsequent Xls apply to its Maccabi (Southern) Football League (MSFL) teams only. In such cases, the non-MSFL teams are the Club's actual First Xl.

Players' initials will only be listed in the Goalscorers column where two or more players with the same surname have scored goals in the same season. Otherwise only the surname will appear in all cases.

There have been numerous occasions where league and cup matches were not played tor one reason or another. These include matches won or lost, and also drawn (shared points in league matches).

Temple Fortune have played numerous teams from different leagues mainly in knock-out competitions. The following leagues have been indicated in italic type in the Opponents column where applicable:

• AJYL = Association of Jewish Youth League
• H&DSL = Hendon & District Sunday League
• HYL = Harrow Youth League
• NL&SHL = North London & South Herts League

The following knock-out competitions and other matches have been listed in the Comp. (Competition) column:

• AMIT = AJYL & MSFL Invitation Trophy: A prestigious competition involving the best eight teams nominated by both leagues
• PMT = Peter Morrison Trophy (Southern Area): The Maccabi Union's premier knock-out competition, with the Northern and Southern Area winners meeting in the National Final
• CAC = Cyril Anekstein Cup: The main knock-out competition of the Maccabi (Southern) Football League
• MIC = Minor Invitation Cup: A secondary competlhon run by the Maccabl (Southern) Football League and held periodically depending on fixtures which, when heavily congested, meant that the MIC was not held. This competition was subsequently renamed the Barry Goldstein Trophy (BGT).
• HSMT = Henry Swerner Masters Trophy: The Maccabi Masters Football League's knock-out competition, introduced for season 2005/06.
• REMT = Ralph Epstein Memorial Trophy: Founded In 1984 following the death of Ralph Epsteln, former Bushey United manager, the REMT has been played annually between Bushey and Temple Fortune. Slnce it Is not an affiliated competition with a County FA, the REMT matches count as friendlles for the purpose of TFFC records
Inter-Club competitions:
• BEPAT = Bethune Park Anniversary Trophy: Another non-affiliated competition, the Bethune Park Anniversary Trophy (BEPAT) was played to commemorate the inaugural match held at Bethune Park in September 1982. Most of the matches were the ones nearest to the anniversary date. The BEPAT match was dropped in 1997 because Temple Fortune were allocated a new first-cholce home venue, namely Childs Hill Park
• F.Shield (or Founders' S.) = Founders' Shield: Played between 1979 and 1991 as a challenge match between Temple Fortune's Flrst and Second Xls. Revived in 1997 and initially involved the Flrst, Second and and Boys Xls before reverting back to matches between the First and Second Xls, followed by the Firsts v the Old Boys after the demise of the Second XI in 2004. When the Second XI was reformed again, the Founders' Shield resumed being played against the First XI.