During times when the Club was thriving, there were occasions when alternative publications were produced for the merriment of members. 'Alternative' meaning, given that the Club had a long-running newsletter, a limited few 'fanzines' were issued.

This feature covers the limited range of fanzines which hit the TFFC market. The first was a progressive step following the involvement of Alfred Boiler writing for the Club's newsletter, The Fortune News. Alfred, an ageing former footballer and long-time journalist, came on the scene in the mid-eighties and was given a spot contributing a monthly article for several seasons. Notably his first series during the successful 1985/86 season, when Fortune won its first M(S)FL divisional champiosnhip, was very popular amongst the players. Alfred produced an A4 4-page fanzine a few years later entitled 'Fortune Favours The Brave' which later became the Club's apt motto. Sadly, Boiler did not keep it running for long and the only edition we could find in the Club archives was the inaugural one (the cover of which is displayed below).

The second fanzine was issued briefly during the 1998/99 season under the title of 'Fortunately Yellow And Proud Of It' and was referred to as 'Fortunately Yellow APOI'. This short-lived publication was produced specifically for the Old Boys Team which was one season away from being founder members of the Maccabi Masters Football League. Again, like Boiler's FFTB fanzine, we only have one copy in our possession and you can see the front cover below too. It was printed single-sided in A5 format with a colour front and back cover. On the back appears a picture of the 1993/94 Old Boys team, which won the Murray Epstein Old Boys Challenge Cup, under the heading of OG (Old Gits) Of The Past! How many issues of 'Fortunately Yellow APOI' were actually produced thereafter is anybody's guess but it is likely that Nigel Kyte, who edited it, stuck to his intention of circulating just two or three editions.

What can only be described as the third fanzine, since its title actually stated that it was an 'unofficial fanzine' although it never appeared in printed form like the others, was the 'Yellow Bellies Red Bums' website which ran for a season or two during the early noughties. This included interesting and amusing tales, trivia and other TF-related information about 'all things about TFFC'. Obviously basing its name on Fortune's colours of yellow shirts and red shorts, this fanzine included Alfred Boiler's humorous rants and a link to his own website. Alfred did toy around with another fanzine unsuccessfully entitled 'Alfred the Great' which was mentioned on the YBRB website, but because it seemed to glorify the man himself (as the title suggests) rather than anything to do with the Club, it seems to have quickly died a death!