An integral part of the Temple Fortune shirt over the past 20 years or so has been the Club badge. Various styles of emblem have appeared on Fortune's shirts yet basically the main shield-type crest has not altered significantly since its origins in 1983.

Temple Fortune's official emblem was designed in 1983 by Nigel Kyte and was based upon the badge of Sunderland Football Club. Previously, an original hand-drawn shield emblem had been used on the cover of Temple Fortune’s official handbook issued in 1973. The TFFC lettering and football on the original design were used on the adaptation of the Sunderland badge, replacing the famous ship which symbolised the city's dockland industry.
The '83 shield was modified in 1987 by being professionally 'cleaned-up'; the wording 'Founded in 1968' was typeset rather than being hand-written and the shape of the shield was improved.

The logo appeared in black and white form until 1996 when a new colour version was produced, adopting the Club's yellow and red. In addition to the mono and colour versions, a tinted shield logo also existed. The shield emblem first appeared on TFFC kits in 1987, printed in white on the Second Team's maroon/sky shirts sponsored by Kersens.

The Club's circular emblem - or roundel – which incorporates the shield in the centre, was first used as a football shirt badge in 1988, printed in black on the Pollards Sports yellow/red kit. A version in reversed form was devised and used a year later on the Ultratown shirts. To commemorate the Club’s 30th year since being formed in 1968, a new diamond logo was designed by Nigel Kyte in 1998 and was used primarily on the front cover of the 1998/99 newsletter. The yellow, red and navy colours incorporated in the design reflected the Club’s adopted colours which were worn by Temple Fortune for 20 years in one form or another. A line version of the 30 years diamond logo was adapted for printing on the Haltons shirts for the 1998/99 season, worn by the Second Team.

The 1995 Kingsleys kit featured the roundel in reversed form, printed in navy, as did the red and yellow striped Honoraries kit a few years later; both included an ornate boxed panel under the badge saying 'Temple Fortune Football Club'. The First Team and Second Team shirts used during the 2002/03 season, sponsored by Turnhold Properties and Winckworths Sherwood respectively, included the same logo printed in red but without the panel below. So did the Old Boys XI's Bekhor shirts for season 2004/05, although on this shirt the lettering under the roundel denoted "35 years of TFFC".

At the start of the 2006/07 season, the Club unveiled a new embroidered badge to commemorate 30 years of Maccabi football. The badge appeared in the traditional colours of yellow, red and navy despite the teams reverting back to the original league colours of green and white, and also appeared on new navy training tops. The embroidered badge featured vertical yellow and red stripes within the inner circle and a navy and red star to reflect the Club's one M(S)FL championship success in 1985/86. The wording read 'Temple Fortune FC' and '1976-MSFL-2006' stitched in navy within the outer circle. On the green and white shirts themselves, a gold star on one sleeve also marks Temple Fortune's '85/86 championship win.

The 1996 shield was modified in 2006 when the yellow was changed to 'TFFC Gold'. For the first time, Temple Fortune's red, yellow and navy were given specific CMYK values (a widely used 4-colour printing specification) so that usage would be standardised. For the technically-minded, the breakdowns are: TF Gold – C5 M19 Y95 K0; TF Red – C1 M99 Y97 K0; and TF Navy – C100 M100 Y19 K7. The new red and yellow kit worn by the Old Boys for 2007/08 was an adaptation of the Club's traditional colours and featured a similar embroidered badge but with the wording "Founded in 1968" replacing '1976-MSFL-2006'.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of being formed, Nigel Kyte designed a new crest incorporating the wording 'Fortune Favours The Brave' for the first time. It appeared on a new yellow and red kit sponsored by Ellis & Company and worn by the Old Boys Team for the 2008/09 season, the first time a TFFC badge had appeared in colour on a shirt. In August 2010, the same crest was adapted to show 35 years of participation in the M(S)FL and appeared in colour on the Daniel Stewart & Company kit used by the First Team during the 2010/11 season.

For season 2011/12, the crest dropped any figures but retained the 'Fortune Favours The Brave' motto, appearing in navy when on a white background or white on a darker background. With the First Team winning the M(S)FL Division 2 championship in 2010/11, the Club adopted two gold stars edged in white either side of the navy football. This special version was first used on a new set of training tops, symbolising Temple Fortune's two M(S)FL titles won, and then on a replacement set of shirts after the First Team had their kit stolen in December 2011.

Samples of Temple Fortune's emblems over the years
The Club's original hand-drawn shield which appeared in a one-off handbook produced in 1973, showing yellow and red which were to become the Club's traditional colours
The Club's shield emblem was based on the old badge of Sunderland Football Club and was originated for TFFC in 1983. Shown above is an 'uncleaned' version produced a few years later
This 'cleaner' updated shield was printed (in white) on the Second Team's Kersens shirts in 1987. The first time a Club badge appeared on any shirts
A tinted version used in 'The Fortune News', the Club's official newsletter
Modified in 1996 in the Club's colours of yellow, red and navy, featuring a bolder typeface, this is the present-day shield design (apart from the shade of yellow which is now 'TF Gold')
A tinted version of the current emblem used in the printed newsletters prior to the emailed version
A simplistic line version of this roundel emblem was originated in 1988, the reversed version (seen above) following. The ornate panel below was added a few years later.
This logo was devised specifically for the commemorative brochure celebrating the Club's 25th anniversary in 1993. It never appeared on any shirts
In 1997, this special diamond emblem was designed to mark 30 years and the colour version appeared in the newsletter
A line version of the diamond badge was printed in navy on the Haltons shirts worn during the 1998/99 season
The embroidered badge marking 30 years in the M(S)FL which was worn during the 2006/07 season on both teams' shirts and also training tops
The Club's 40th anniversary logo was designed by Nigel Kyte and was first released in April 2008. It appears on the Old Boys XI's 2008/09 shirts sponsored by Ellis & Co
The badge was modified to include just the motto for the 2011/12 season. Versions included the motto in navy, red, yellow and white.
When Temple Fortune won a second M(S)FL title in March 2011, this special version was used on the 2011/12 training tops and a set of replacement shirts.