If you are reading this right at the bottom of the page, then you must be an awards anorack!
Afterall, this page is not meant to be a display of Club awards presented over the years but it IS actually an archive of awards ordered by Nigel Kyte for the sole purpose of allowing him to compare them from season to season, primarily as a guide to ordering the next season's collection.

Nigel has always tried to match awards in size and prominence from season to season, depending on what it is for. For example, a Player of the Year award will be larger than a Clubman of the Year award. A lesser important award will be smaller than one with a bigger stature. You can see how the awards have improved in quality over the years.

Most of the older images below were scanned in from prints kept in his records specifically for annual comparisons, complete with some hand-wriiten captions. A few were numbered with the key on the reverse (numbers removed in some cases and captions added as type).