The Club is pleased to allow advertising sponsorship on the website at very reasonable rates. Not everyone may wish to sponsor a playing kit but may prefer to support the Club instead by advertising on the website.

The different options available are shown in the table below. All advertisements will be produced in Photoshop for the web and may contain pictures, logos and type. Click on the appropriate Ref. No. link (in the first column in the table) for a sample ad on a typical page.

What you get for your money
You will have an advertisement professionally made up to fit the specified size and in the location listed, appearing on at least 6 pages, one in each of the top-listed pages under the 6 headings on the drop-down menu (see home page). So, as the website exists now, your ads will appear on 'The Club's History', 'Club Records Index', 'A to Z of TFFC's Players', Results in Cup Competitions', History of TFFC's Colours; and 'the Glory Years'. If these pages are filled, your ads will appear in the next page down from the top.

Duration, content and renewals
Advertising space purchased at any time will remain on the website for the reminder of the current season, or the one to follow, and the whole of the season after that! That could mean a maximum of TWO FULL SEASONS for the one price. Once the duration has expired, the same advertising content may be renewed at a reduced rate of 20% off for the next season thereafter. New content will be treated as new advertising space, although revisions/updates may be considered at the reduced rate if minimal. All adverts will be fixed (ie. no animation, roll-overs or special effects) but there can be a link to your website if required.

How to advertise
Please email Nigel at the Club and specify the Reference Number shown in the first column in the table. You are welcome to provide web-suitable 'artwork' (in jpeg form) ready for inclusion or you can just send images (including logos) and the copy you want included together with a rough of what you want. Or you can email a scanned-in sample of the ad you want and it will be reproduced as accurately as possible to your requirements. Normally there are no additional 'artwork' charges, unless the content requires considerable work. Given the advert sizes, please do not over-elaborate or over-crowd your ad. We can link your advertisement to your website (at no extra cost) so please specify the website address.

This can be made by direct online transfer, account details upon application.

Fixed advertising space
Ref. No. Size Location Number Cost
Ad Ref. 1
200 x 200 pixels Right side of page 6 pages £100
Ad Ref. 2 400 x 200 pixels
Right side of page 6 pages £140
Ad Ref. 3 200 x 550 pixels Top of page 6 pages £180
Ad Ref. 4 400 x 550 pixels Bottom of page, above the 'Site Contents' & 'Home' links 2 pages of 400x550, 4 pages of 200x550 elsewhere £250
Ad Ref. 5 400 x 550 pixels Top of page 2 pages of 400x550, 4 pages of 200x550 elsewhere £300

Note: The links at the top of this advertising page do not work. To return HOME, use the link below.

Other advertising options
If there are any other sizes of advertising you wish to discuss, please email Nigel. For example, should you wish to take the whole page width on the home page, or advertising on more than 6 pages elsewhere, these options are open to negotiation. Full page advertisements are also a possibility.

Also, we are always looking for FOOTBALL KIT SPONSORSHIP where your company logo could appear on the front of TFFC shirts. The price of providing a full playing kit (around £600) would include four Ref. 2 adverts on the website (worth £140). Another option is to sponsor TFFC tracksuit/training tops (prices upon application).